ce qui reste : Tim et Sue


Timothy « Tim » Noble (born 1966) and Susan « Sue » Webster (born 1967) are artists based in England, whose work is collected by Charles Saatchi. They are associated with the post-YBA generation of artists emerging after the Young British Artists of the 1990s.[1]

Noble was born in Stroud; Webster in Leicester.

They live and work together in Shoreditch, East London. Some of their notable pieces are made from piles of rubbish collected from London streets. A light is projected against the pile, and the shadow on the wall creates an entirely different image, typically one of the couple themselves: this is not at all apparent from looking directly at the pile. Their work was included in the exhibition Apocalypse: Beauty and Horror in Contemporary Art at the Royal Academy in 2000, as well as the opening show of the Saatchi Gallery in County Hall. Sue and Tim encouraged fellow artist Polly Morgan.[2]


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